Stevia for Better Health

Data from the World Health Organization reveals that obesity around the globe has tripled since 1975, and almost two billion adults are now considered obese. A survey from the National Health and Nutrition Examination indicates that at least one in three adults are considered overweight, and at least another one in three adults are touted obese. 

Here at NatriSweet, we’re not just about making food and drinks taste better -- we also ensure that while doing so, we prevent the negative health effects that too much sugar can cause to your body. Our stevia is 100% natural, preservative-free, and ideal for not only weight loss but also improving the way you eat and drink on a daily basis.

The Healthy & Alternative Sweetener

Stevia for Better Health

Stevia is derived from nature, and that alone says so much about its effects on health. There are no added fillers, chemicals, or additives. Here at NatriSweet, our stevia powder and liquid drops are 100% pure and natural from the leaves of the stevia plant. 


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Stevia is an herb that comes from a leafy shrub that’s closely related to marigolds, chrysanthemums, ragweeds, and sunflowers. It has been known as a healthy sugar substitute, and consumers around the world use it to avoid the negative effects of sugar while still enjoying sweet drinks and food. Stevia contains zero calories and is up to 200 times sweeter than ordinary sugar.

As an alternative sweetener, stevia works to give the same sweetness to your favorite desserts, snacks, dishes, and beverages but doesn’t come with the usual sugar-related risks (such as weight gain and hyperglycemia). 

A Sweetener For Weight Loss

Stevia for Better Health

Substitute your usual sugars and sweeteners with stevia when cooking your favorite dishes, baking delicious pastries and desserts, or mixing satisfying drinks. It’s also perfect in creating sauces, marinades, dressings, and main dishes. Stevia gives you the sweet life without triggering a glycemic response. The best thing about it is that it’s 100% natural.

Stevia comes from the leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant, known as one of the oldest natural sweeteners in South America. Today, we enjoy its many health and culinary benefits.

NatriSweet Stevia

Stevia for Better Health

Here at NatriSweet, we give you zero-calorie and zero-carb sweeteners, but we do not stop there. Our stevia products have so many uses. You can use them to sweeten your morning coffee or afternoon tea, as most users do, or you can use them to go to the next level of healthy and mindful food preparation.

We are proudly non-GMO, and guarantee natural stevia: straight from leaves to powder or liquid form. Our stevia contains no gluten, soy, wheat, milk, eggs, or shellfish.