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  • Stevia Throughout History

    Stevia is an herb that comes from a leafy shrub that’s closely related to marigolds, chrysanthemums, ragweeds, and sunflowers. Stevia is widely kn...
  • The Truth Behind Diet Sodas

    Consumers try out diet sodas because they believe it is the healthier version of the guilt drink that they buy from the supermarket. But think aga...
  • How Much Sugar Are In Your Favorite Treats?

    What is your most loved dessert? Is it ice cream, or a piece of cake? According to experts on, these treats contribute to a better mood...
  • The Natural Flavors In NatriSweet

    NatriSweet is a natural sweetener brand that offers Stevia powder and liquid drops for dessert lovers and alike to enjoy. Take a look at the natural flavors of our Stevia Liquid Drops!